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Spotlight: Oliver Jeffers


oliver jeffersOliver Jeffers is a writer/illustrator/artist who enlightens the world with his creations. He works in Brooklyn, New York. He has an almost permanent spot in the New York bestsellerlist, we can only be delighted about that! Must-haves by Jeffers are The day the crayons quit, The incredible book-eating boy, The heart in the Bottle and Stuck.

Best children’s book covers ever!

Children's book can be touching. To children ánd grown-ups. There are many children's books with stunning covers, we should call them art instead of illustration, actually. We've sorted out the most wonderful covers in this blog. The Arrival Shaun Tan The Arrival is a...

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Children’s book: Nobody Passes!

There was a general who wanted to be the hero in a story. The general in this story thought the quickest way to become an hero was to appear in a book. No need to do anything special. Children’s book review: Nobody Passes!

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Picturebookreview: Held op sokken

‘Held op sokken’ is a dutch picture book by Bette Westera and The-Tjong Khing. What if… you are a knight in the Middle Ages, but you didn’t grow a beard?

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Picturebookreview: This is not my hat

This isn’t a common children’s book. With its black cover and simple illustrations, it catches the eye, standing amongst all the colorfull, happy picturebooks on the shelves in the bookstore.

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