Aadje is a small pirate. He lives on a ship with 10 big pirates who teach him how to swim, eat and make him take a bath once a year. This book is in Dutch only.

Aadje Piraatje

This book contains five stories in rhyme. These easy-to-read stories are just long enough to keep the attention of small children. The bigger kids will be able to read all of the stories as one. Every page contains repeating elements, like a small verse and seagulls.

There’s a lot of humour in this book. Children as well as parents will read through this one with a big smile on their face. You can look forever at the pirates: great characters who resemble their names perfectly. The best detail are the teeth of the pirates. Seldomly, we’ve spotted such great denture.

Aadje Piraatje
Author: Marjet Huiberts
Illustratons: Sieb Posthuma
Publisher: Gottmer Uitgevers Groep

aadje binnenkant 1aadje binnenkant 2