Absolute Must-have: this ginger cat that spices up your messages. The sticker pack of Ōji Momo is now available, you can download it on the App Store. Place Ōji Momo in your messages. The small animations will show your friends what you’re doing or how your feel. And of course, you make your photo’s more fun with the extra elements from this pack.

oji momo work sticker pack iOS 10 download


Sticker pack? Ōji Momo?

Indeed. The newest iOS on your iPhone and iPad has this super fresh messages-app (iMessages, free and more fun than WhatsApp, according to us). This app allows you to send not just text and emoji, but stickers as well! You just download the stickers in the App Store and paste them in your messages. We’ve been waving with our magic wand, especially for the iOS 10 – release, and there was our new character with irresistible awwww-factor: Ōji Momo. A small, ginger cat that gives your messages an extra swing with his subtle, smooth  moves.


Can I see for myself?

Sure! We’ve made this short Ōji-video. So he can introduce himself to you. And of course, conquer your heart. And if you’re still not convinced (what are the odds?), you might want to check out Ōji Momo’s page. You’ll find it right here. You’ll even find some free wallpapers there, to be used on all of your devices.

Oké. I’m convinced. So where do I find this Ōji Momo sticker pack?

We’re not going to be hard on you. The sticker pack is to be found in the App Store. All you have to do, is push this big, wonderfull, irresistible button, that will take you to Ōji Momo. Download, open your messages-app and start having fun.

I want Ōji!

All done

That’s about it! Oh well… we’re already full of ideas… More Ōji’s are on their way. So you’ll soon find an update of our sticker pack. How nice is that? For now, we wish you lots of fun and lively messages with Ōji Momo! More Ōji Momo? Check Ōji’s page.