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Bring your messages to life with Ōji Momo!

This silly cat spices up your messages!

This is Ōji Momo. This ginger cat is here to spice up your messages to friends and family!

Stick Ōji Momo into and onto your conversations. Create your own ‘extended’ Ōji or place some elements on your photo’s!

Sending messages will be even more fun thanks to you loveable new friend.

Download Ōji Momo in the App Store and stick him in your messages.

Stickers are fun!

With Ōji-animations you can show your friends what you’re up to or how you are feeling. And of course you can place elements like hats, moustaches and more onto your photo’s and have some fun!

download free oji momo wallpaper

Free Wallpapers!

Download the free wallpapers of Ōji Momo and use them on all of your Apple-devices.

Yeah, get me Ōji Momo!