Noa will take you with her on an adventure!

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Noa is a girl. A little girl who loves to play outside, discover the world and seek adventure. And she ‘d be delighted to take you with her! Make sure the stars get back in the sky of jump into a magic pond together.

‘The dreamy, summer atmosphere in soft and fresh colors, in which brave Noa and Frog get carried away in a magical world, will feel very familiar for little kids ‘

G.J. Jolink

recensist, NBD Biblion

‘The drawings in this book are really beautiful, a very special style you can’t keep your eyes of. Noa twists you round her little finger. Nice story that has to be read many times.’

Martine van den Houten

writer, Martine van den Houten

‘A fine picture book with beautiful drawings. The book is very colorful, printed on heavy paper, uses a clear font. We can imagine that the book reads fine for kids who are learning to read.’

Lovely Flavours

redacteur, Lovely Flavours

Noa Magic pond is the first picture book on paper (dutch only) by Hanneke van der Meer. Noa debuted in the apps Noa Ladybird and Noa’s Stars and showed up on paper afterwards.

Noa is a character drawn by Hanneke for years. Only since 2012 she appears in her own little stories. Interactive and (in the Netherlands) on paper. Noa’s Stars was the winner of the Media Toddler Award 2014 and was said to be the best app for kids up to the age of 6.

Noa comes alive

Noa appears in three apps: Noa Ladybird, Noa’s Stars and Noa Magic pond. Help Noa out finding ladybirds dots, or getting the stars back in the sky. You can even jump in a magic pond together!


Noa is available in the App Store.