Witchy & William

Witchy and william app somoiso hanneke van der meer award

Witchy and William Media-ukkie-awardCinekid_Applap_approved@120Witchy is lying in bed. Mommy gives her a kiss and she closes her eyes. But what was that Witchy is not alone in her bedroom. A big shadow moves towards Witchy…

Witchy & William is an interactive storybook in a fantasy theme. It’s fun to discover who’s keeping Witchy awake and most of all: why? A cute story about friendship and a journey to a fairytale place. Witchy & William was honoured with the Media Ukkie Award 2015 (best app for children in the Netherlands) and is Cinekid AppLab approved, wich means this app is of added value for a child’s development.

A worthy follow up to Somoiso’s previous apps ‘Noa’s Stars’ and ‘Noa & Ladybird’. Suitable for children aged 3 to 8.



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