Stories grow in little hats...

... when you blow softly, they pop out.

Imagination is the most important thing in the world. It’s how you learn to color outside the lines.
Go explore. Head out there. Discover the world.

Hanneke van der Meer

Writer/illustrator, Somoiso

Noa Magic Pond gets Five Stars!

Noa Magic Pond gets Five Stars!

Noa is a beloved character in the Netherlands, well known by young children because of her role in picture books and apps. But now, Noa has made her way to the UK. By receiving five big, golden stars!

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Appreview: Fireflies

Appreview: Fireflies

Fireflies is an app you'd buy to have the pretty icon on your homescreen. I ám a graphic designer with a weak spot for beautiful icons, so this app made it to my homescreen within seconds. The first thing to be noticed when you start the app, are the warm sounds. A...

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Appreview: Sago mini boats

Appreview: Sago mini boats

Sago Mini apps are known for their simple concept: you don’t have to reach any goals, but you’re allowed to play for fun. The app ‘Boats’ is also based on this concept.

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‘Witchy & William is an exciting, animated and interactive picture book with beatiful illustrations and playful elements that support the story.’
Ilona Jens

Jury Media Toddler Award, Mediasmarties

‘Noa’s Stars is a perfectly designed app: the illustrations are like little fairytales. This is an interactive picture book to be enjoyed by all children.’
Romilde van Dongen

Editor Digidreumes, Digidreumes

‘The app Sir Steel shows that the peculiar illustrations by Van der Meer come into their own in animations. This witty app is the perfect addition to the picture book.’
Lisa van der Velden

Editor iCulture, iCulture


Noa is a little girl that loves to take you with her on one of her adventures. Between the stars. Under water. Will you join her?

Sir Steel

Sir Steel is a peculiar chap. He doesn’t fancy anything. At all. Except steel. He’s got some weird ideas as well… like creating an hot air balloon out of steel…

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