Soon, Apple launches iOS 10. One of the features on your iPhone will be those fancy sticker packs. In ‘Messages’ you will be able to select and send animated stickers to your friends and family. They’re cute, they move (you) and you can stick ‘m onto each other. Off course you’ll want to have Ōji Momo in your sticker collection. We’re creating stickers of this wonderfull character right now.


Hello, Ōji Momo?

Ōji Momo is a cat. One with many faces. The cat that makes your messages even happier than they already where with text and emoji. This funny cat was named after our own chubby, cosy cat, whom we regularly call ‘Prince Peach’ (Prince = Ōji and Peach = Momo). Now, thát has a nice Japanese touch, doesn’t it?

A short introduction

You surely do want to know what this sticker pack is going to look like. Well, we can arrange a sneak preview. Because Ōji Momo is actually too cute to keep to ourselves. Therefore: here are some Ōji’s in a row:

So… how do these stickers work?

You’ll find these stickers built-in in Messages when you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10. The interface of Messages has changed a bit, you’ll find a little icon at the bottom of your screen. Whoops! They’ve hidden the stickers right there! Let’s pimp those messages!

*de Messages app is always on iPhone and you use it to send and receive text messages/sms. When you message with other iPhone users, it’s completely free. And with iOS 10 more fun. So forget WhatsApp! 🙂


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