SUM! reken app review kinderen rekenen educatiefThis app – SUM! – does exactly what it’s title promises: it makes you count. The concept of this app is quite simple which makes it a funny, addictive game to parents and children.

Happy maths

SUM! is a bright coloured, simple app. It consists out of falling bubbles, carrying numbers. The user has to add these numbers up to ten. If you complete a dozen, the big bubble disappears and this is how you create empty space for bubbles to come. When you’re screen is filled to the top, it’s game over.


Keep it simple

This is all SUM! is about. There are no levels in this game (however, it gets harder along the way, because the bubbles are falling down faster as you go) no rewards and there are no levels or bonusses to be unlocked. Actually, that’s kind of relaxing, not to have so many challenges ahead. Just add up. Keep it simple.
I’ve played SUM! with my eldest son (who really hates math!) and he really liked SUM!. His adding up to ten is now a lot better then before, comes in handy at school.


Funny, not outstanding

Overall, SUM! is an enjoyable app. You might get fed up with it after a while, but it’s sure fun to play. Especially children who are being teached math at school wil have lots of fun with it.
The layout of the app is neat. Not outstanding. It’s bright, the colours are nice, but it’s not exceptional amongst all the other math-apps.