Noa is a beloved character in the Netherlands, well known by young children because of her role in picture books and apps. But now, Noa has made her way to the UK. By receiving five big, golden stars!

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Noa Magic Pond – the app – is to be found on the site of the Educational App Store. EAS is, according to their ‘about us’, a bridge between education and applications. The EAS believe that a focus on matching educational apps to the curriculum is key for ensuring that both educators and learners get the most out of their mobile learning experience, which is why we focus on performance, educational value and curriculum alignment when assessing the apps within our store. Aimed at developers, our EAS certified teachers review apps with this unique approach in mind.

Five beautiful stars
The Educational App Store reviewed Noa Magic Pond and the outcome was a pretty one: five out of five stars! We’re so proud! According to EAS is Noa Magic Pond an app  that really stands out from the competition and provides truly original and creative presentation and experience to the children using it. They really love the fact that Noa Magic Pond is not just a story, but also provides arts and crafts ideas at the end:

Use of the app does not end when you get to the end of the story, as it is also furnished with a thoughtful and creative arts and crafts section at the end. This provides four very simple little activities that complement the themes in the story that has come before.

We’re delighted to receive such a wonderfull review and we hope children in the UK will meet Noa anytime soon. What more can we do than to end this post with a quote written by EAS?

Overall, this is a wonderfully imaginative and really nicely thought out app. Although it does not have a huge amount of content to play with, the story and style of the app, along with the suggestions for art and craft activities included, could provide a useful springboard for further creativity and imaginative work.

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