loopimalLoopimal is an app that shows very young children (and the bigger ones… and – okay – their parents too) how to build music loops.

Loopimal contains endless variations to compose music. There are six animals (bird, bear, squid, pig and sloth) who all have their own music loop. By filling up a bar at the bottom of the screen, you can alter the noises in the base loop. The animals will dance for you in the most funny way.

Looking for a challenge?
You just hit the big ‘plus’ button at the top of the screen. Here you go: a splitscreen with two or four animals of your choice. By combining their sounds, you can create even better music! There are endless possibilities in this mode.

100 points for Loopimal. No explanation required: this app is very intuitive. Next to the usability, the design of this app is extremely well done. Soft pastel colors, comical characters with a touch of humor. This is an app that makes children laugh out loud!

We love Loopimal. Maybe you got the idea that it’s comparable to Toca Band, but Loopimal offers a great deal of other possibilities. We adore!

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