‘Marina and the light’ was featured in the App Store. The icon was a cheery one and was one of a kind. Worth the download-effort! We took a look behind the icon.

The menu is simple and wel designed. One button for parents and settings, you can choose your language here. If that’s really necessary, we don’t know for sure, the app has no text and the credits remain in english after switching the language. Only the title changes. A peculiar choice is to make the language switch whenever you tap the sun or the moon on the homescreen. Children accindentally switch language this way.

Pretty illustrations
‘Marina an the light’ is illustrated beautifully, in watercolor. Some of the illustrations where however, less appealing. Some elements are copied from one page to another, we regret the fact that not each page has it’s own handdrawn elements.

The story
The story is about a day in the life of Marina. She wakes up and heads out, watching flowers, cycling, to the beach. The story has a lot of elements, but doesn’t form one whole. The theme that holds the pages together is light: elements that have something to do with light.

‘Marina and the light’ has some pretty illustrations and funny music, is not a very satisfying story. The illustrations don’t form a whole. This app requiers a dosis of fantasy. A littlebit of text and a nice narrator-voice would have made a big difference.


Marina and the light
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