fireflies app review kids somoiso hanneke van der meerFireflies is an app you’d buy to have the pretty icon on your homescreen. I ám a graphic designer with a weak spot for beautiful icons, so this app made it to my homescreen within seconds.

The first thing to be noticed when you start the app, are the warm sounds. A hand shows you what you have to do. You start out with a big, glass jar: get the lid of. Tap next to the jar and it will drop down to the bottom of the screen.

Once upon a time, in a dark forest
You’re walking through a dark forest. It’s a bright, beautful night. Around you ar all kinds of whispers and sounds, silhouettes of trees and above your head, stars are twinkling. You can take a look around by swiping the screen. If you pay attention, you can even find the moon.

Catch fireflies
Except trees and stars, you’ll find fireflies in the forest. There are many of them floating between the trees and also right in front of you. Those are the ones you want to tap. That’s how you put them in your glass jar. Most fireflies have a blue color, but with a little patience, you’ll find orange ones, red ones and a very special creature.

If you have a couple of fireflies in your jar, you tap the lid. The jar will pop up and the fireflies are floating around. With fireflies in different colors, there will be glows in all kinds of colors in your jar. If you tap the jar, the fireflies will copy your taps by flickering their light. If you’ve had enough of tapping or want to find some new fireflies, you can release the ones in your jar.

This app is one of the few that doesn’t set goals. Just enjoy the fact that there are soft lights surrounding you and you’re allowed to listen to nice sounds. This app makes children quite relaxed. Very welcome amongst the many zappy apps in the store.

Tip: after 15 minutes idle the app quits. A very good idea to place a jar with fireflies next to your children’s bed and make them fall asleep amongst the fireflies. 🙂

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