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Sir Steel is a peculiar chap. He actually doesn’t fancy anything. Not the sun, neither the fields of flowers. And he most certainly does not like other people. Sir Steel only likes one thing… steel! One day, a highly unlikely idea pops into his head.

‘The illustrations are a dream!’

Tiny van Dorp

‘Such a marvellous book!

Tamara Scholten

‘Can we read Sir Steel once more?
Mom? Please?’

Isin Overhorst

Sir Steel made an entrance in the third (dutch) picture book by Hanneke van der Meer. She wrote, and wrote, and illustrated and there was this strange story about an even stranger professor.

The story is a little peculiar. And therefore, fun to read. Nature and science are merged in this touching story about a professor who loves steel. But he can’t ignore nature, if he wants to bring his ideas to life. A lovely story about being different, persistence and victory and the root of the app Sir Steel.

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Sir Steel goes tablet

We’ve created this incredibly funny app (or actually spin-off of the dutch picture book) about Sir Steel. You’re allowed to help the professor out building his hot air-balloon of steel. This – of course – is a project he can’t do all by himself.

Pull the professors moustache

The app Sir Steel is available in the App Store.